Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is the comparison of peaks made of rock and peaks made of steal. All you need to be able to see this, is to strip the city center of its interior and step back, way back and look at its abundance. The structures of the city are pure creation, like sculpture in it’s grandest form. While the mountains are a depiction of destruction, because without the decay of time they would not exist in their magnificence. As with everything time will destroy all of the peaks of the city and those in the mountains.


With this project I have moved back to the replication of stencil prints, while keeping each edition an original unto itself. Using off set colours a vision is created that makes ones eyes struggle to focus.


With these prints, a concentration on a new process was created. I have termed this new style “Release” (named for the process of stamping the paint off of the stencil rather then through it).


These two combined styles allow for the stencil itself to become the highest form of his art and process.

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