The Face of Sales

Vendors inspire great ideas; humble icons that instill the essence of work to live ideals and circumstance.


After traveling to Cabo I found a beauty in the colour of Mexico backed by the harsh and stark reality of the beach vendors all in white. This was initially going to be a large formate watercolour and stencil series. After having what I perceived as a difficult test (in hindsight the tests are quite beautiful), the series moved back to Acrylic on canvas.


Fearing issues with the paper (Paper had been discontinued), I moved the Images back to canvas and instead of the soft ooziness of watercolour they became tone on tone colour with the stark image of a faceless salesperson in the forefront. igula.


Although the final results turned out strong and definitely say they are mine, I learned that fear is a good thing. I for one shall be embracing it with great determination in the future.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown
Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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