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With the expansion of the world’s population, water has become a more scarce and a valuable resource. This series is intended to stimulate thoughts about water, through the vision of two collaborating artists Blake Brown & Karen Brown.


Water is central to life. It has many uses, including the creation of power, irrigation, recreation and for drinking. Structures have been built to contain or re-direct water, as well as to move people and vehicles over and under it. These structures include bridges, dams, aqueducts, water towers and irrigation systems. Some structures have disappeared over time as they are replaced by more modern methods. With the expansion of the world’s population, water has become a more scarce and thus a more valuable resource.


We have combined our very different approaches in a way that enhances both. We seek to stimulate awareness of how essential water is to our existence and to question our stewardship of this resource.


Both of our methods are complex, as is the theme. We have jointly selected images to represent the main uses of water. In many cases, based on this selection, Karen prepared the background image for each canvas and in the process determined how strong or subtle, simple or complex that image would be. Blake then applied an intricately cut stencil image to the canvas. He selected the colour and sheen of this image.


The challenge was for our two diverse methods to be compatible, not combative in the completed piece. The collaborative nature and the combining of methods was a departure from our previous experiences but it succeeded in further development of our individual approaches.